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Riverside Park, Glenrothes


To the Friends of Riverside Park Glenrothes

Site updated 25 May 2016

The Friends of Riverside Park Annual General Meeting takes place on Tuesday 31st May as shown below.

If you want to join us or just find out more about FORP please come along.

There will be a couple of short presentations on the work of FORP in the past year and the Orchard in Riverside Park.

Please email us at forpglenrothes@hotmail.co.uk to let us know if you are coming (so we can organise enough seats). Cheers FORP




Blossom on the apple trees at Riverside Park- Summer 2016 is near



Friends of Riverside Park is a group of committed volunteers, working towards improving the park for the use of the community. They are involved in planning the future of the park, as well as keeping what we already have in good shape.

Our vision is as follows:

“Riverside Park will be a welcoming Greenspace in the heart of Glenrothes. We will protect and develop its diverse landscape for the local community within Glenrothes, for visitors from further afield and for future Generations to enjoy” 


 We hope that by using the community to help make decisions about the park, we will help ensure that the future of the park is a bright one.




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How to get involved

The friends are always looking for new volunteers to help carry out tasks in the park, as well as help promote and market the area. They are also keen to hear comments (be them positive or not) about your experiences in the park, and would ask you to fill in a quick form on our 'Comments' page, or send us an email via the 'Contact us' page.

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Recent Pictures

Some of the FORP team at the Autumn 2015 treasure hunt.

Some of the FORP team at the Autumn 2015 treasure hunt.

 All images copyright to Friends of Riverside 
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